About Us

"A Church in the world for God's Glory"

First Missionary Baptist Church of Hueytown under the pastorate of Charles W. Thompson, Sr. We are a fundamental, Bible believing church that proclaims the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the central message. Jesus Christ is the head of this body and The Word of God (KJV) is our all-sufficient guide and authority. If it's not found in the scriptures then we don't practice it. We are affiliated with the Jefferson County Baptist District Association, Alabama State Convention, Southern Baptist Association, National Baptist Convention USA INC, SCLC. Our church is small enough that you feel like family but large enough to supply your needs.

Mission Statement

We strive to be a growing, magnetic, and encouraging Missionary Baptist church, possessing multiple ministries. Our priorities are God first, God's family second, God's work in the world third. We want to reach the lost for Christ through teaching, preaching, and living a holy life. We further covenant to come together to celebrate and to worship the Lord through prayer, praise, baptism, communion, singing, giving and sharing in the word. Thereby, being able to equip and educate believers, we will produce mature disciples in God's word. Furthermore, we engage to provide a climate of spiritual growth and outreach.    -- A Baptist Church in this world for God's glory

St. Matthew 5 • Hebrews 10:25 • St. Matthew 25:6-13 • Romans 12:1,2